What we do

Creating safe working conditions and ensuring that everyone plays a role in our work smarT, work safe community is essential.

Our Services

Clearing & Grubbing

Removing and disposing of all unwanted surface material and disposing of all unwanted vegetative matter from underground.


We offer a variety of concrete services depending on your needs.

• Highways
• Foundations
• Parking Lots
• Concrete Structures
• Roads
• Sidewalks


Clearing out earth to form a cavity in the ground for building foundations, parking lots, roads, etc.

Site Preparation

Emcompasses all the planning involved in the preparation of building such as clearing, leveling, excavating, and concrete prep.

underground utilities

• Underground utilities
• City utilities
• Coverts
• Fiber optics
• Storm drains


If you’re interested in any of our services or have any questions, reach out to us and we will get back to you with more details on our services.

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Maidenhead is a certified minority-owned construction company based in Houston, Texas that provides clearing & grubbing, concrete, excavation, site preparation, underground utilities and more.

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