Our Story

We strive to proceed with thoughtfulness and meaning in everything we do; determining our name was no different.


We began discussing our future and ambitions on a project while working for our employer at the time, Brunel, and we distinctly recall their senior leadership’s unwavering values. One value, and arguably their most important value, is their passion for people.We can attest, this is not some arbitrary hashtag on a LinkedIn post. They live by it. Every call, meeting, event, and action was taken with a people-first mentality, even during extremely challenging times. Their ‘lead by example’ mantra has undoubtably made us better, and to this we pay homage in our name: Maidenhead.

Brunel was named after famed engineer giant, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. One of Isambard recognizable feats exists in Berkshire, UK, where the largest, widest, and flattest brick-arch bridge is still utilized today.

The bridge symbolizes our transition into the future, carrying forward our values bridging, building, and cultivating our relationships of tomorrow.

Meet our team


Fidel Nuno

Working his way through the craft channels, Fidel, a 25-year veteran in the field has first hand experience from helper to leader of Jumbo projects with hundreds or direct reports. A heavy emphasis in civil throughout his career, Fidel has perfected his craft through large and small projects and brings unparalleled expertise and quality to Maidenhead that they now pass on to their clients.

Vice President

Dustin Cox

With over 20 years in construction, Dustin grew up in the industry. From playing a key role in the family’s successful out-of-state construction company to holding integral positions in some of the world’s leading ECPM companies, Dustin is well versed in all sizes and complexities of construction and engineering projects and now looking to build his own brand of excellence through Maidenhead.


Maidenhead is proud to be minority owned and operated. Not only do we provide exceptional services as a certified Historically UnderutilizedBusiness (HUB), we help general contractors fulfill their HUB requirements on federal, state, and city government-funded projects.

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Maidenhead is a certified minority-owned construction company based in Houston, Texas that provides clearing & grubbing, concrete, excavation, site preparation, underground utilities and more.

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